Awards i won with the Volvo, BIG Thanks to everybody involved!



Vallåkraträffen Sweden, 1st price Volvo 140/240 class

Bilsportmässan Sweden, 1st price best Engine room




Elmia Custom motor show Sweden, 3rd price Street race car

Street cars fest Sweden, 1st price Street performance

Bilsport action meet Sweden, 1st price Volvo class

Vallåkraträffen Sweden, 2nd price Volvo 140/240 class

Scandinavian custom show Denmark, 2nd price old school street

Xtreme carshow Finland, top 10 all over




Elmia Sweden, 1t price Street race car

Power end of summer meet, 2nd price best european car

Bilsport action meet Sweden, top 10 best build of the year

DHB Denmark, 1st price hottest car in Denmark

Bilsport Magazine Engine room award, most votes from the readers


Magazines published


Bilsport gatbilar build series 2006/2007

Bilsport Magazine 2008/2010 full reportage

Vetlandaposten 2007/2010

V-max 2010 2012


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